Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Tons of Technology Events in Nash Vegas this October

Here is out little town of Nash Vegas we have a great technical community and they seem to have outdone themselves this month. There are so many great events happening I am having to negotiate with my wife to get to go to as many as I can: "I'll go see that chick-flick you've been wanting to see if I can go to BarCamp Nashville."

There is truly something for everyone, so take a look at this list and support our local technology groups by attending some of these events. Also help spread the word by Tweeting, Facebooking, shouting on street corners, body painting, or whatever!

  • Nashville Agile User Group Monthly Luncheon, Oct. 8th - Come join the discussion around "Engineering Best Practices in Agile". These are open discussions where everyone can get involved and share their experience.!topic/agilenashville/cDAXX8qcdtc
  • GeektoberFest, Oct. 9th - Vaco is throwing and big "Thank You" party for the local tech community with free beer. You can't beat that. Plus they have really cool t-shirts.
  • Nashville Technology Council's User Group Roundtable, Oct. 10th - If you help run any of the local user groups in Nashville, the NTC wants to find out help they can best support your group. This is going to be a great collaborative effort with many of the local group leaders attending.
  • Nashville .NET User Group Lecture Series, Oct. 11th - Alan Stevens, a great technologist and a friend of mine, is going to be speaking on how developers can add more value to their company and teams by "leveling up". Always entertaining and informative.
  • Nashville .NET User Group Coding Dojo, Oct. 18th - Coding dojos are a fun way to sharpen your coding skills by practicing with your peers. Bring your laptop and get ready to karate chop some .NET code!
  • Nashville BarCamp 2012, Oct. 20th - What could be better than a technical conference held at a bar? The wide range of sessions has something for everyone. A great event to meet new people and discover new ideas.
  • Nashville Agile User Group's Agile Game Night, Oct. 23rd - Come learn the principles of Agile through fun and games. Learn stuff like theory of constraints, benefits of iterations, myths of fungible resources, and more!!topic/agilenashville/7eoDmWVKcWY