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This is a video of my session at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015 in San Francisco.

I presented on building quality in from day one at the Nashville Product Camp event in 2012.

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I've done two training videos on Scrum for Pearson which are available on and, The first covers the fundamentals of Agile and Scrum while my second one dive deeper into two advanced topics: requirements and quality assurance. You can purchase them separately or together.

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Anonymous said...

Hi - I've been going through your video, 'Scrum Fundamentals and Advanced LiveLessons', and was wondering if you could clarify what 'Independent' means in 'INVEST'.

You mentioned that a story is independent if it can stand on it's own and it can be delivered in the sprint and provide independent functionality, and that this doesn't mean that I want have predecessors or successors

I'm trying to figure out what you meant. Did you mean that a story should not be coupled, or that stories should be order independent, or that they should be defined as a story as a vertical slice of an application (a feature that encompasses the database layer, the domain model and the user interface at the same time).

What did you mean by "doesn't mean that I want have predecessors or successors" did you mean in terms of order independence like for instance an epic like 'manage campaign' would have the natural order where you would start with the 'Create a campaign' story first followed by 'Edit a campaign'. or 'Delete a campaign' story. Or did you mean that a story should not depend upon a API layer for instance.

I would be extremely grateful if you could clary this for me - thanks.

Tommy Norman said...

Thanks for viewing my training videos! By Independent I mean that it is hopefully something that you could deliver to the customer without requiring another story to be completed for it to add value. So "Create catalog database" is not a very independent story since just the database would not provide valuable customer functionality. But "Add simple search function for catalog" would even thought you might choose not to release it until "Add advanced search functionality" is done to release both of them. So your 'manage campaign' was a good example. When you do 'Create a campaign" first, you would do enough API work to support that feature but probably some additional setup work that would not be needed in the subsequent campaign stories since that work was already done.

Does that help clear it up?