Sunday, November 23, 2008

Certified Scrum Master

I received my official Certified Scrum Master certification from the Scrum Alliance this weekend. Apparently I received my training a month before they instituted a test for the certification. This has been hotly debated on the web for some time and all I have to add is that most certifications (earned via a test or not) have very little value by themselves. My CSM is quite a bit like the CNE, MCSD, etc. technical certifications that were so in vogue for awhile. You could also compare it to a college degree. I know plenty of great developers who never finished college and I know plenty of incompetent people with Masters. I feel my past few years of successes and failures using Scrum is what counts. The certification is great for the resume and clients will like it, but I was happy just to attend and hear what Jeff Sutherland and Joe Little had to say as well as have some great discussions with my classmates.

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