Monday, December 08, 2008

What's in My Quick Launch Bar?

Recently Jeff Blakenburg proposed the eternal question: "What's in your Quick Launch bar?" This is Jeff's way of analyzing our responses in some freaky, Freudian way and determining the way developers think so he can create a mind control drink which he will disperse in highly caffeinated drinks that we will consume and he will use us to take over the world. That or he is just curious. Either way I thought it would be fun to play along (and I am swearing of caffeinated drinks for awhile just in case).

Here is my Quick Launch bar in all its shortcut glory:

That's it. Soak it all in. Bask in its gleaming aura of one click access goodness.

You got your Open Destop, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Outlook, Shortcut to my work web mail (no POP3 access you big jerks), and OneNote (ah...OneNote).

So I do not put a lot of links on my Quick Launch. And I do not put that many on my Desktop either. Why you ask?

Is it because of my Zen like knowledge of shortcut keys? No. I don't even think my ALT button is working.

Is it because of some Toolbar and Desktop Feng Shui philosophy? No. I tried that and the incense just gunked up my keyboard (Maybe that is why the ALT button is broken).

Is it because I simply do not actually do that much work? Maybe. Some co-workers might think that. :)

Mainly it is because I do not have that much installed on my local hard drive. I normally use VPC images that actually contain the bulk of the applications and tools I use. And for what I do have installed locally, I just keep the shortcuts off the Desktop and Quick Launch because I like a clean interface. I do not mind a few clicks to find things in my Start menu. My Start menu is organized in a very set pattern that I have used ever since there was a Start menu and I have just gotten used to it.

Think I'm crazy? Check out my devLink buddy, Steve Andrews, and his Quick Launch Bar of Doom!

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