Thursday, February 19, 2009

Please Review my Session Proposal for Agile 2009

I have submitted an in-depth demo on implementing Scum/XP using Team System to the Agile 2009 conference coming up August 24th to 28th in Chicago. This conference has a great open mechanism for reviewing content.

Presenters post online abstracts of their sessions for anyone to review and comment on. The organizers can add reviewing comments, but anyone who cares to register on the site can look through all the proposals and leave a comment on why or why not they think it should be included in the conference.

I have done a smaller version of this presentation many times, but this demo will be longer and more in-depth where I walk a feature from first being captured on the Product Backlog all the way through to being pushed to production. Large ALM products like Team System are not very popular in the Agile community at large who tend to prefer open source solutions. I have already had a skeptical comment from J. B. Rainsberg who is a pretty heavy hitter in the Agile world. Two of the organizers have left comments suggesting it make the final cut so I am hopeful yet.

If you have the time, please take a look at the abstract and leave comments (good or bad) to help me make sure the session is as good as it can be.


Anonymous said...

Try Agile-on-Demand from It'll make a way cooler demo.

Tommy Norman said...

Thanks for pointing me to a new Agile management package. From what I see it does look like an interesting package. Team System is a much broader scope ALM platform that includes build & test automation, unit test framework, reporting on the entire process, etc. Does Agile on Demand integrate with any other products for source control, testing, and build automation?