Saturday, March 22, 2008

TFS/Scrum Resource Links

In order to decrease the size and length of my TFS/Scrum presentations I am removing the slides that list links to online resources. I am posting those links here and simply referring to them from a slide in the presentations now.

Scrum/Agile Links

  • Scrum for Team System - One of the best TFS Project Templates for Scrum around. Created by Conchango in association with Ken Schwabber.

  • Control Chaos - A good website for all things Scrum. Lots of whitepapers, books, and other resources.

  • Scrum Alliance - Another good website for Scrum with a more community feel.

  • Agile Management Blog - Aimed more at project manager types (or Scrum Masters), but has some good practical blog entries from David Anderson. This link is to his post about TFS and Agile processes.

  • eScrum - Another TFS Project Template for Scrum.

Scrum/Agile Books

Team Foundation Server Resources/Tools

  • MSDN TFS Site - The official Microsoft site for Team Foundation Server.

  • TFS 2005 Power Tools - Tools for editing work item and process templates, check in policies, extended command line tools, build tasks. etc.

  • TFS 2008 Power Tools - Mostly the same tools for 2005 ported to 2008.

  • CodePlex - Tons of community created tools and guides for TFS including a migration tool, Subversion source control bridge, and more.

  • Personify Design - Creators of TeamLook which adds TFS extensions into Outlook and TeamSpec which is similar to Rational's RequisitePro tool for maintaining links from Word documents to work items in TFS.

  • TFS API MSDN Sample - Great sample project showing how to interact with the TFS API.

Team Foundation Server Blogs

  • Buck Hodges - Lots of good information on TFS, third party tools, etc.

  • Brian Harry - Some overlap with Buck Hodges' blog, but he also includes lots of statistics on their own implementation of TFS internally.

  • Naren Datha - Several blog posts on TFS customization.

Team Foundation Server Books

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