Sunday, June 29, 2008

Conchango's Sprint Task Board

I wanted to thank Crispin for giving me the heads up that Conchango has posted two video demos of their upcoming Sprint Task Board application. As I stated in my last few blog posts, I had been working on something similar but where Conchango has dedicated development resources, I had only a few spare hours here and there between work and handling the new baby. I look forward to the release of this application and will post a review as soon as it is out. I did learn a good deal more about the TFS API while working on my own pet project and I am working on some more in-depth technical posts in the next week or so.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tommy,

Another heads up for you. A beta release of our "Task Board for Team System" is now available. for more details.

The beta is a free to sign up, so feel free to give it a try.

Crispin Parker,