Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sprint Task Board

With the arrival of our new baby I took a few weeks off. During the late nights I started fiddling around with creating my own virtual Sprint Task Board to emulate the physical sticky note boards most scrum (and other agile) teams use. I have always like the immediacy of the task board, but never could relinquish having the data digitally rather than physically. I am not an agile purist plus my current team has some remote members and a physical board would not work for us. I have created the initial draft as an ASP.NET web page which I plan to port to a WPF extension inside of Visual Studio 2008. This rough version allows you to view the current sprint tasks grouped by either the Product Backlog Item it is associated with or the Assigned User. The IDs of the work items link directly to Team System Web Access so that you can view the details. I plan to start refactoring this into an actual application soon and possibly submit it to CodePlex.
The color coding is based on when an "In Progress" or "Ready for Test" task's Work Remaining field was last updated. The scale goes from green to red according to how "stale" the work item is. Work Items with an open Impediment are clearly noted. This should provide a good overview of the sprint's health at a glance.

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