Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Comfortably Scrum: Series Introduction

I have been presenting on Scrum and how I have implemented it processes using Team Foundation Server for the last year and almost every time I talk about it I run out of time. Both Scrum and TFS are complex entities and it is hard to talk about them both in one hour.

I am starting a new series of blog postings entitled "Comfortably Scrum" as a way to spend a little more time on a specific topic and do it justice. I eventually plan to accompany each blog post with a companion video.

I am currently working on the first post on gauging if your company is ready to adopt an agile process like Scrum.

More to come!

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Anonymous said...


I was in your session with Scrum and TFS...and it was FANTASTIC!! In fact, I wrote a long email to my group that night...we have been trying to do scrum and just loaded TFS...so the timeliness of your talk was GREAT!!

We look forward to your series...your experience will undoubtedly cut down on our mistakes based upon your knowledge and experience!!

Again...thanks for your efforts at the devLink conference...it was fantastic!!

Alpharetta, GA