Tuesday, August 26, 2008

devLink 2008 (Slight Return): Part 2

One of the thing that keeps devLink at such a high level of quality is the great group of organizers and volunteers. No one is paid for the work they do on the conference, yet we see a level of commitment that is very inspiring. I wanted to tip my hat to the people that made it happen:

  • John Kellar is the backbone of devLink. His attention to detail makes sure the event runs as smooth as possible and his involvement in the developer community ensures a great line up of speakers every year.
  • Leanna Baker does a fantastic job with the logistics of the conference which are considerable. Where most of us work in the industry and gain a little notoriety from being a part of it, Leanna is not a developer and just simply wants the conference to be the best it can be. Her husband John Baker was a big part of keeping things running smoothly although he is a donut thief.
  • Rachel Twyford has been a dedicated part of all three devLinks while being very pregnant for two of them. She was constantly on the move and when I saw her doing stretches at the final keynote I swore she was having the baby!
  • Alan Stevens brought a very cool, new vibe this year with his excellent Open Spaces. Plus he throws a heck of an after party.
  • Keith Elder was always on hand to help out and is a great M.C. Plus he does a great Frank Sinatra impression.
  • Randy Walker was constantly lending a hand and was usually one of the first volunteers onsite and one of the last to leave.
  • We had a great group of volunteers who really did a terrific job of helping run the conference: Jason Clark (who I am glad did not pass out in the sun), Bryan Meyer, Cliff Jacobson, and Evan Hoff. These guys were either constantly moving or stuck in one place (and sometimes outside) for long periods of time.

Without these people devLink would never be the greatest regional conference in the known universe.


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