Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rational Team Concert/ Jazz Platform: Serious TFS Competitor?

So I have been taking a look at Rational's Team Concert and their Jazz Platform for software delivery. The have a beta client out for Visual Studio and if you take a look at this demo you will see strikingly similar features as compared to Team Foundation Server. There is a session for this proposed for the Agile 2009 conference that I am hoping to make it to this year. It will be interesting to see this product demonstration and compare it to the VSTS/TFS feature set.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are going to find that Jazz steals, I mean innovates, a lot of stuff from VSTS. :)

Tommy Norman said...

What do you think the impact of the Visual Studio integration will be for TFS? RTC seems mainly targetted to the J2EE/Eclipse crowd. How much of the .NET development market could they get?

Anonymous said...

There are many innovations in what Rational Team Concert brings to the table that are missing from VSTS such as integrated agile planning with work items, in context collaboration, (you can drag and drop a story or change set or defect into a chat window and it retains a URI link), and it has much richer support for agile development methods out of the box with support for backlog, burndown charts etc. For a SCRUM example see: